Tax Saving

Tax planning is done with a pure objective of minimizing tax liability. Tax planning is a systematic evaluation of investments and income with an only objective of reducing the tax burden in a lawful way.

As we all know, Tax payable by an individual is directly proportional to the sources of income viz. salary, income from house rent, income from other business, income on interest, dividends and investments made. Tax planning is not the last minute investments done to save tax but it is a yearlong planning in a legal and logical manner of your income versus investment. Abiding the laws of the land, numbers of instruments are available to plan your tax in a meaningful manner. Experience in the related field and unbiased opinion for proper Tax Planning can be delivered only by professionals.

Experts at Financial Doctor are here to discover how to accomplish all your elements of financial plan in a most tax efficient manner. Financial Doctor's tax planning is not the 11th hour planning. We understand that just falling under section 80C is not Tax Planning but encompasses different aspects including the timing of income and expenditure and other purchases. Tax planners at Financial Doctor will never allow the "tax" tail wag the financial dog. It is advisable to check the health of your taxable income, twice a year.

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