Portfolio Restructuring

Applies to derivative products, portfolio restructuring is a re-composition of a portfolio's asset mix by selling off undesired asset types (equities, debt, or cash) or specific securities within that class, while simultaneously buying desired types or securities. The investor or adviser may use fundamental, technical and/or macroeconomics analysis while determining when and how to change the securities in the portfolio or fund.

At Financial Doctor we submit a detailed and unbiased advice needed for restructuring your assets. We actively match investment strategies and return objectives while balancing your appetite for risk. These reports are processed with formulas and analytics well known and understood by our advisers and hence we are in a position to advice you accurately. The analysis are necessary to make key decisions in timely manner.

Financial Doctor keeps a track of leading performance indicators and capital market conditions, and then evaluates performance against your goals.

So depending upon the type of investor you are (very conservative, conservative, moderate, aggressive or very aggressive) our wealth managers will assess your risk profile v/s portfolio management while the decision of executing the investment solely lies with you.

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