Mutual Fund SIP New

When you are chasing a dream, you need a systematic and planned approach for your investments to achieve it. SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) works on the principle of regular investments. It is like your recurring deposit, where you put in a small amount every month. Through SIPs, you can invest as small an amount as Rs 500. In SIP, you stagger your investments through different market levels, systematically. That is, you invest a fixed sum either monthly or quarterly in a mutual fund scheme. A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a method that allows you to invest a fixed sum, regularly, in a mutual fund scheme. It is just like a recurring deposit with the post office or bank where you put in a small amount at regular intervals.
For example, you decide to invest Rs 5,000 every month or every quarter in an Mutual Fund. You fix a date on which the amount gets invested, monthly or quarterly.

At Financial Doctor we help you make these investments in a manner beneficial to you. Invest as low as Rs. 500/- and gradually accumulate wealth over a period of time. Save every month/quarter by following the advice of Financial Doctor and look forward for a bright future.

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