Mutual Fund Lumpsum New

A lumpsum investment means you invest large amount at a time, as and when you have a surplus. It is advised to only those who can time the market well. Lumpsum investments can go either way: You could make huge gains or suffer tremendous losses.

Those aggressive investors who are willing to take huge risks, an expert opinion is always required to guide them through the number of funds available in the market. At Financial Doctor, we help you guide to make this kind of huge investments, only after knowing your risk taking capacity.

Quality research is carried before suggesting funds for lumpsum investment and it's only after when we feel satisfied, we suggest you to make the lumpsum investment in Mutual Funds. Tough Financial Doctor feels that lumpsum investment is done taking into consideration the below two things:

  • How are you as an investor (very aggressive/aggressive/moderate/very moderate/conservative)
  • How much are you willing to take the risk

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