Investment Planning

Someone has rightly said, "Wealth can only be created and cannot be earned". Though it is critical to note that investment planning is a SUBSET of Financial Planning and a good investment plan can only be done if financial plan is made greatly.

Investment planning is placing your funds in proper vehicles based on your future goals ,time horizon and priorities. It means not only maintaining the liquidity needs, but also taking into consideration the account safety and level of return. Proper investment planning will reward you within a specific time frame if invested carefully.

Investment planning is done keeping in mind the type of investor you are i.e. your risk profile. With financial goals being moderate you need can invest conservatively and with extravagant dreams you need to be aggressive.

Investment planning can be done in

  • Mutual Funds
  • Bonds
  • National Pension System
  • Real Estate
  • Post Office Deposit
  • Company Fixed Deposit
  • IPOs
  • PMS
  • Individual Stocks

Once the cost for emergencies has been taken care, you can rightly start thinking for enlarging your investment portfolio.  Since the market is too diverse to understand the products and their benefits, Financial Doctor helps in planning your investments across the market. With the suggestions made by us you can answer the below questions easily

  • What investments should I own?
  • What type of asset allocation has been made?
  • What type of investments do I hold?
  • What criteria should I follow for adding investments?
  • How often should I monitor? and so on..

Investment Planning is not a one time job but a process that needs periodic check and reviews. Financial Doctor's expertise will help you achieve, review and restructure your investment planning in manner that it becomes so strong to stand any invariable storm!! 

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