Estate Planning


Estate is everything that you possess like your residence and commercial apartment, car and personal assets like mutual funds, bonds, insurance, household items. Estate and succession planning is a process of legally structuring the future disposition of current and projected assets. This kind of planning requires skill and trust to manage unique issues that develop while implementing this planning because the decision you make now will affect your business and your family. Since its an ongoing process it should be initiated as soon the affluent  realizes his measurable asset base has been created. Estate planning is an art of managing and transferring assets to your heir in advance, once you are unable to take financial decisions.

Some points to be remembered while drafting the estate planning: 

  • Reducing the taxes in a lawful way.
  • Creating/updating the beneficiaries for life insurance policies/IRA's.
  • Guardian for living dependents.
  • Will Formation.
  • Setting up Power of Attorney. 
  • Annual Gifting to reduce tax liability. 
Basic Will Formation: A will is a legal document that lays out the fate of your property after your death.It is a rule book for distributing your assets among your successors to prevent havoc of any sort. Will is prepared only after knowing the asset base that you possess. Our people are competent enough to make a basic will with an understanding of family dispute that might occur.

Channel Partner:

We are associated with Terentia Consultants Private Limited for Estate Planning services and Family Business Advisory Services.

Some services offered by Terentia are : 
  • Will Writing
  • Executor
  • Trust Formation
  • Trust Management
  • Document Safe Custody
  • Family Council
  • Family Charter
We are well versed with the kind of importance estate planning possess these days and provide guidance to plan it in a systematic manner.

Note: Please contact our adviser on 022-39548500 in case you need advisory for estate and succession planning or leave your appointment and we shall call you back.
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