Child Future Planning

The most imperative step towards your child's future is to start investing from the time s/he is born. It's a dream of every parent to provide their child/children with best possible future. Today increasing number of Indian parents plan for their child's future since birth or even before that, but the worry is, are they investing in the right instrument which will help them achieve their goals?

At Financial Doctor we understand your concern and hence we share advisory for a safe and secured future of your child so that every milestone in their life is covered smoothly.

The major events in planning your child/children's future..

Child Education Planning:

Remember Farhan Qureshi in 3 idiots?? Senior Qureshi planned for his career the minute he was born "Mera beta engineer banega". Though Senior Qureshi's career selection differed from his son's passion of wildlife photography, but the objective of financial planning to secure his education was on target.

Right from admissions in pre-school to school, from secondary to higher secondary, from graduation to masters, from studying within the country to perusing a degree abroad… All these stages are bound to happen in your child's life and for each of these events, financial planning is must. Education expenses have gone up drastically and it's a need for every parent to plan it before time.

It is very important to plan your child's future from the beginning so that they can receive the cream of education from universities of their choice.

Though the good news is Indian parents have started realising the importance of investing for their child's better future; but how much to invest and where to invest needs to be answered. 

As Financial advisers we help you invest in good instruments so that you can build a corpus over a period of time.

We are certified planners, helping you device a plan and share unbiased advisory to achieve any milestone for your "twinkle of the eye's" future.

 Child Marriage Planning:

A prospective life is something that needs a lot of attention, planning and expenditure. Today's parents' understands the cost involved in wedding and related ceremonies and to fulfill them, requires a lot of pre planned investments.

At Financial Doctor we advice you means and methods to plan your finances for your child's prospective day in a logical manner. With our advice we assure you that  the 'D' Day in yours' as well as in your child's life would always be memorable.

Other Related Goals

Today's 'Y' generation not only wants to be a master in curricular activities but also in extra-curricular.  S/he might want to pick up music and arts, sports,  theatres,  LIVE performances, summer/ winter camps  as his/er passion and thus you might up shelling more to fulfill their passionate dream.

Financial Doctor helps you plan for all of your child's future related goals within minutes, with just a click.

Plan TODAY for your child's tomorrow!!
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